About Us

Body Health was founded in 2010 as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of retail consumer health products with our initial emphasis on Bone-Health.

Little is known about the fact that your skeletal structure – all 206 bones, which includes your jaw bone and all 32 teeth – are critical to the body’s normal functioning and general health.

Through a process called “remodeling”. The remodeling process occurs throughout life and becomes dominant by the time that bone reaches its peak mass (typically by the early 20’s). Remodeling continues throughout life so that most of the adult skeleton is replaced about every 10 years.

In the ensuing years it became more and more evident from the feedback of our customers that there was a great need to also provide help and relief for other health conditions from which they or other family members and friends suffered.

We recognised that malnutrition is one of the main contributing factors and is the cause of many degenerative diseases this is evidenced by Dr Weston A. Price in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. What we also recognised is that it is extremely difficult in this day and age to prepare and eat healthy meals or to go on a proper diet with physical exercises for extended periods of time. Modern day man and woman don’t have the time or inclination to change their lifestyle.

The logical solution is to provide natural food supplements which are focused on preventative measures, that are affordable to the man in the street and can be taken continually with no risk. It is a well-known fact that everything in the body is interconnected and an ailment or adverse condition will in all likelihood affect something else in the body. This is clearly evident from the fact that every tooth is connected to an organ and a positive and negative emotion. This research by Dr Rau, in Switzerland has had a significant effect on our understanding of how complex and wonderful our bodies are.

This necessitated us to expand our offering of natural products to help combat and provide relief of many conditions which occur mainly due to our lifestyle and which in many instances turn into degenerative diseases.

Our products are developed by scientists, bio-chemists and where applicable by experts in their respective fields, which includes highly specialised methods of herb and plant extracts. Furthermore our products are manufactured in GMP and or FDA certified compliant factories.

We offer a select number of natural products which help, support and assist your body’s innate ability to heal and maintain itself.

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