Hi Bernard

Ek wil vir julle bedank vir die wonderlike produkte.  Sussie sê die Meno Assist werk wondere en ek self gebruik die Teeth and Gums kapsules.

Regtig wonderlike produkte en ek sien die verskeidenheid groeie met rasse skrede wat fantasties is.

Baie dankie vir julle vinnige en vriendelike diens – dis regtig ‘n plesier om met julle besigheid te doen.

Lekker dag verder.


Letitia de Kock.

Goeie naand Bernard
My seun is 18 jaar oud en tans in matriek. Hy gebruik nou aan sy 2de bottel ADD/ADHD support maar ek kon reeds ñ verskil in sy Maart vorderings verslag sien. Sy punte het as volg verbeter. Afrikaans 57% na 63%. Engels 59% na 72%. RTT 48% na 77%. Toerisme 46% na 67%. LO 58% na 66%. Wiskunde gelet. 40% na 67%. Ek het nou reeds weer n bestelling van julle ontvang en gaan nou ook julle neuro omega 3 en chromium aan hom gee.
Sy voorskrif medikasie het baie newe effekte veroorsaak en hy self is baie gelukkig met julle produkte.
Dankie weereens. Ek kan nie wag om sy Junie verslag te sien nie.

Raylene Adams

Middag Bernad

Ek is amper 68 jaar oud en as gevolg van polio wat ek gehad het op die tere ouderdom van 4 1/2 jaar, het my linkerbeen die addisionele las gehad om die werk van die regter been te verrig. Nodeloos om te se, het dit daartoe aanleiding gegee dat ek nou jare geweldige las met die linker knie het tot so mate dat ek kroniese pyn beleef het. Die dokters het my meegedeel dat die enigste oplossing hiervoor, ‘n knie vervanging gaan wees.

Ek het toe ‘n advertensie in die Keur gelees en besluit om die pille ‘n kans te gee aangesien ek teen ‘n knie vervanging besluit het.

Ek gebruik die pille nou ongeveer 5.5 weke en is vir die eerste keer sonder pyn. As gevolg van die positive uitwerking van die pille, het my man ook besluit om die pille te gebruik vir die pyne in sy liggaam. Hy kan nie uitgepraat raak oor die verlaging in sy pynvlakke nie.

Lyn Fourie


SERIOUS HIP, KNEE AND BACK PAIN! “Every time I stood up, the pain was so severe, that I had too stand still for a while”! My husband suffered from painful legs, knees and burning feet! AFTER 4 WEEKS, we were both pain free! We feel 20 years younger! Ek het  ERNSTIGE PYN  in my heupe en rug gehad!!  As ek opstaan,  moes ek eers vir ‘n rukkie stilstaan voordat ek kon beweeg!      My man het ook groot verligting gekry van pynlike kniee, bene en brandende voete!  NA 1 MAAND  SE  GEBRUIK  VAN  TEETH, GUMS  AND  BONES  KAPSULES,  WAS  ONS  ALBEI  PYNVRY!!  Nou beveel ons dit aan vir al ons familie en vriende!  Baie dankie vir ‘n wonderlike produk!!

Hannetjie en Peet Bosch. Bloemhof.


“As a 20 year old student I was involved in a car accident and I did receive a severe blow to my mouth. My teeth were loose and I had to wear firstly wires and later stainless steel splints to try and rescue my loose teeth.

Thanks to Professor Jonck I managed to keep my teeth but later tests revealed that two of my bottom teeth needed further treatment. I had root canal treatment to these teeth which for those years was very progressive.

At a later stage my teeth had to be whitened as they went black.It is now 43 years later and the result of the injury and my age are that my teeth started to form cracks. The cracks caused very sharp edges on my teeth which created sores in my mouth. From time to time my tongue was also very sensitive due to the sharp edges on the inside of my teeth.Three month’s ago I went to the dentist and I was disgusted to see how many caries had formed under my tooth fillings. I also suffered from bleeding gums although I use an electric tooth brush and floss my teeth regularly.After my “fright” at the dentist I started to use “Body Health’s Teeth and Gums tablets”.
I went back to the dentist after 3 month’s and he could not believe his eyes when he saw the improvement in my oral health – especially my gums. They were pink and healthy. What I noticed myself was the improvement in the cracks in my teeth. My teeth’s edges are not so sharp any more andfeel much better. I do not have sores in my mouth anymore and the sensitivity of my tongue is also gone. After 6 month’s I am going back to the dentist to take X-rays of my mouth and jaws to see if there is an increase in my bone density.

I can hug and kiss my husband and grandchildren again with confidence!”

Ms. Gerda K


“A few years ago, I had a serious car crash. Apart from all the cuts, bruises and burns, there was also significant skeletal damage to my skull, jaw, neck, back, left shoulder and left knee. During the accident, my head slammed down on presumably the steering wheel or the dashboard, and the force of the blow fractured several of my teeth. Since the accident, I have had chronic pain in all these areas, and had lost several teeth due to them simply breaking apart over time.
Just over a year ago, I was introduced to Teeth & Gums Capsules by a friend. I have been using it continuously since then, and the results have been truly amazing:

  • Within a few weeks the chronic pain in my jaw and teeth subsided
  • My backaches and neck pain has drastically reduced. A while ago, my supply ran out, and within about a week my back and neck were unusually sore. Within a few days of getting my fresh supply, my back and neck pain lessened again.
  • The one tooth in particular – a badly fractured one, that I was half expecting to disintegrate a year ago – is still in my mouth. Its condition has neither worsened, nor improved, although with no more pain.
  • My front teeth seem somewhat whiter than a year ago, when I compare them to photos taken at the time.
My daily regimen of vitamins goes as follows: 1-2 Teeth & Gums Capsules (I take 1 or 2 tablets on alternating days), 4000 mg Vitamin C, B complex, and some vitamin D from walking for a half-hour each morning. I haven’t had a flu or cold in about 8 or 9 months, and when I went for a medical exam for diving fitness, the doctor told me, after completing the examination: “I can see you’re in great shape,” and wrote “Fit for diving” on the certificate without any hesitation.
Thank you Teeth & Gums Capsules!”
Christoan Smit – Somerset West

“Mrs K. has been a patient of this practice for the past few months and has been taking a supplement (Teeth & Gums) specifically intended to improve the condition of her teeth and oral health.

During her three month follow-up I found that there definitely was an improvement in the gingival health and she presented with healthier gingival and soft tissue.
Although dental radiographs were taken it would be too soon to see a change in the bone or hard tissues. Six and twelve month follow-up visits with dental radiographs will be scheduled.”

Dr Regardt Perold

“Ek moes jare terug gaan vir ‘n knie vervanging, alhoewel die spesialis het gese ek moes eers gewig verloor, wat nooit gebeur het nie.
Ongeveer twee maande gelede het my knie so seer geword dat ek geheel en al niks meer kon doen nie, enige beweging was iets vreesliks, omdraai, sit, le, opstaan alles was een pynlike ervaring. Gevolglik moes ek pal begin le in die bed. Ek kon nie eers vir ander mense opstaan nie want voor jy kon keer het ek klaar gegil van pyn.

Ek het gelukkig die advertensie van Body Health gelees en bestel. Ek was oortuig dat die pyn nie binne twee weke sou verminder nie.
Voordat die twee weke verby was. Was ek sonder pyn! Ek was totaal stom geslaan en pynloos, dis nou al meer as ’n maand later en ek is nog steeds sonder pyn!
Danksy Body Health se produk is ek nou pynloos. Mense, dis ’n fantastiese produk met wonderlike resultate, gebruik dit, dit werk!”

Rina Swart – Boksburg

“I have been a smoker for more than 45 years, and consequently my teeth and gums were in a very bad state. My gums suffered from periodontitis and many of my teeth were loose and discoloured. I asked my dentist to help me fix my teeth, but he said that he could do nothing for me, except to refer me for further treatment to a Periodontist(specialist). I started taking the Teeth & Gums capsules and my teeth and gums have now improved to such an extent over a period of one year, that I regularly get compliments on the state of my teeth! In addition to restoring my teeth and gums, it further whitened my teeth considerably in a natural way.”

Ben – Somerset West

“I started using “Body Health for Teeth and Gums” tablets (2 per day) about six months ago. I was having problem with hair loss and insomnia and a good friend recommended that I try these “wonder pills”, as she was having such great results since taking them herself. From the first night (I take my pills in the morning), I slept like a baby. This was quite a feat in my case as I have been suffering from insomnia for quite some time and didn’t want to fall into the “sleeping tablet” trap. As this is a 100% natural product, with absolutely no adverse effects or dependability issues, I continued taking them, and the results have been fantastic.

Apart from the afore-mentioned cure of my insomnia, my hair is no longer falling out, and growing back thick and strong. I have also been a nail-biter my entire life and have always had real “stompies” – well I’m happy to report, I now have beautiful long, strong natural nails – all thanks to “Body Health for Teeth and Gums” tablets. My “creaking” knees are also a thing of the past – I could never sit down or bend my knees without a loud and rather embarrassing “CRACK” – something I could never explain – all I know is that it is GONE! And once again, I can only give credit to “Body Health Teeth and Gums” tablets as I have not been taking any other supplements or changed my diet in any way.
I am now 4 months pregnant and after showing my doctor the “Body Health for Teeth and Gums” bottle, and reading more about it on your website, he has assured me that it can only be good for both me and my unborn baby if I carry on taking the supplements – and even told me not to worry about taking anything else! I have not had problems with my teeth and gums in the past, but noticed a definite change in the colour of my teeth – they definitely appear much whiter and healthier as well. Many pregnant women have problems with bleeding gums (as did I with my first pregnancy), but have not encountered this yet and hope to avoid it altogether this time around!
Thanks for this excellent product – it has so many more benefits than it was intended for – I am walking testimony of this fact and will continue using it for life!”

Ester Venter – Knysna

“My teeth were starting to discolour and developed a particularly bad decaying spot between my front teeth. This bad spot became darker and bigger over the years.

My dentist said that every time he has to drill those teeth (from the back), in order to stop further decay, the cavity becomes larger, thus eventually necessitating a filling between the front teeth.
After using Teeth & Gums, the spot between my front teeth healed and disappeared. The one tooth healed in 6 months, and the other one, which was much worse, healed in 18 months. This may seem to be a long period, but there is nothing else that could REVERSE this spot NATURALLY!
Furthermore, my teeth are now two shades whiter! I love the simplicity of the product, and I am forever thankful that Teeth & Gums healed that bad spot of tooth decay and saved me from a filling and possible loss! I am also confident that my teeth will now be maintained naturally and effectively and at a substantial lower cost!”

Susan – Somerset West

“I have been using Teeth & Gums for 3 months now and I have seen a wonderful change in my teeth.

I had a big brown spot on my teeth which was getting darker and darker, but since using Teeth & Gums the spot has become much, much lighter.
My teeth were also very sensitive to hot and cold drinks, but now I can eat ice-cream and drink hot coffee with no aches!
I also feel more energetic and not so tired when I wake up in the morning.
Teeth and Gums is really helping me and I would recommend it to everybody.”

Marie Human

“I am usually at the dentist almost weekly with teeth issues.

Since taking Teeth And Gums for about 2 months, I have drastically reduced my visits to the dentists and my teeth don’t feel as sensitive anymore.
I will definitely carry on using this product.”


“I used to suffer from bleeding gums after brushing my teeth.

After using Teeth and Gums for only two days my gums had stopped bleeding. In addition my overall health has improved.
I also had an old ankle injury which also improved significantly after after only a few days.
Thank you for a wonderful product, I have recommended Teeth and Gums to all my family and friends.”

Vincent Mostert

“I was brought up in an area where the quality of the water was very brackish. Consequently over many years my teeth deteriorated significantly, leaving me with discoloured teeth with white spots.

I have tried many teeth whitening products, but to no avail. My dentist also could not give any assistance.
Fortunately, I was introduced to Teeth & Gums two months ago. I have followed their recommended dosage of two capsules in the morning and two in the evening.
After approximately four weeks I started to notice that my teeth were getting whiter and that the spots are slowly diminishing. I also can testify that my teeth are feeling more solidly fixed in my jaw bones.
I am more than pleased with the results and can recommend the product to anybody. I am certainly going to continue using Teeth & Gums, and I am confident that my teeth and gums will improve more and more over time.
I wish you well with your product and trust that many people will benefit from using Teeth & Gums.”

Mary Copland

“For some time I have had a problem with my gums coming away from my teeth. Nothing I did seemed to help.

Then I started to take Teeth and Gums. It wasn’t long and my gums had repaired themselves.
Great product.”


“I have had an ongoing problem with a reoccurring abscess in one of my teeth.

My dentist told me the only way to solve the problem was to do route canal treatment which would be very expensive.
I decided against doing that and so every time the abscess flared up I had to get antibiotics to sort it out.
Since taking your product for the last 3 months the problem has not reoccurred and my tooth is fine.”

Bev Clark

“I have been using “teeth and gums” for the past month now. 

I have already achieved optimal healthier teeth and gums. I have been very impressed with the pills I have taken,
as I was very prone to having sensitive teeth especially after eating certain types of food. This has completely vanished
and that is after using them for only a month. My intention is to continue using your product as I have been very impressed with
how it has already worked. Thank you.”

Charlene Cox

“Sometime ago I had to have one of my teeth filled. Ever since then that tooth has been extremely sensitive and I could hardly chew on it.

Shortly after starting to take Teeth And Gums that sensitivity completely disappeared and now I can chew without any discomfort.
What a relief.”


“The Tooth and Gum supplement was recommended to me and because I realized the benefit of anything like this at the age of 50 plus, I started to take it.

I have been taking it for the past 5 months at two capsules a day. I can see that my gums have benefited but the most amazing result has been how much my sleeping has improved!!! I now sleep right through and even when it is necessary to get up, I go back to sleep immediately. This has been a real plus in taking the capsules. Even my nails and hair seem to grow better and stronger. What a bonus to use a product that actually does what it says it will do. Many thanks.”

Lorinda van der Merwe – Knysna

Vir 2 jaar was my rug en kniee baie seer en kon ek nie meer buk nie!!

 EK HET ALLES MET N LANGTANG VAN DIE VLOER AF OPGETEL!! My voete het ook gevoel of hulle “dood” gaan. NA NET 1 HOUERTJIE van Body Health se kapsules is die lewe terug in my voete en het ek die langtang weggebere!! Ek kan weer normal buk!! Jakkie Odendaal. Pretoria

Ons het verskriklike sensitiewe tande gehad met draadtjies. Nadat ons T & G kapsules gedrink was my tande SOVEEL BETER, dat ek BINNE 3 DAE weer vleis kon eet!! En binne 7 DAE was die seertjies in my man se mond genees! Dit is n wonderlike produk!! Roberto en Jaquelene

Na my CHEMOTERAPIE het my bene GEWELDIG gepyn as gevolg van beendightheidsverlies. Ek kon nie eers ‘n ligte reisdeken oor my bene gooi nie! Na die gebruik van Body Health se produk het ek binne ‘n paar weke GROOT verligting van pyn gehad! Baie dankie. Carina Jordaan. Montagu

Al DIE BENE in my lyf het gepyn! Nadat ek body Health se kapsules gebruik het, het ek GEEN PYN meer in my skours en kniee gehad nie! Riekie Brink. Clocolan.

My rug het geweldig gepyn! Ek het met moeite geloop en trappe geklim. Nadat ek Body Health se kapsules gebruik het, voel ek ‘n GROOT verbetering! Baie dankie vir ‘n uitstekende produk!DR. MAGRIETA RETIEF (Mediese Dokter)

Ek wil net baie dankie se vir ‘n puik produk! Ek het geweldige pyn gehad in my nek, rug kniee en skouer – alles aan die linkerkant!! Ek het al alles onder die son gebruik maar niks het gehelp nie!! Ek het jul advertensie in ‘n tydskrif gesien en dadelik bestel! Binne 30 dae was ek sonder pyn! Dit is nou al 3 maande verder en ek is nog steeds sonder pyn!!. Dankie vir wonderlike kapsules! Suzanne vd Merwe Witbank

ERGE HEUPPYN! Ek kon nie meer self my inkopies doen nie! Ek het ook steekpyne in my voete gekry! Na 5 dae se gebruik van B H se kapsules was ek energiek en PYNVRY! Ek sit nou op die mat en speel met my kleinkind! WONDERLIK!

Sanet Kotze, Meyerton


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